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MeeDoc, simply the best way to talk to a doctor online.

And online doctor consultation with MeeDoc is, quite simply, the very best way to diagnose and treat many conditions, as well as organise prescription renewal and medication advice.

You can discuss your symptoms with a healthcare professional, send messages and photos or talk face-to-face with a video consultation. Our experienced doctors can treat a wide range of symptoms, ailments and injures via an online consultation and your prescription is sent to the nearest pharmacy. 

Which means you get the treatment and reassurance you need quickly and easily without having to visit the Doctor’s room. It really couldn’t be simpler.

MeeDoc is a available throughout Europe and is a fully licensed and regulated Finnish medical service provider.


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What we treat

Did you know 75% of all doctor visits can be treated online. With MeeDoc you can receive treatment for a wide range of symptoms, ailments and injuries. See below for a more information on how we can help.

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Meet some of our doctors

All our doctors are experienced family doctors who are licensed in Finland and carefully selected to provide the best care for you.
We use patient feedback and specially designed tools to monitor the performance of each of our healthcare professional to ensure we offer you only the highest quality service.

If you are a doctor and would like to join MeeDoc, see more information here.


Mikko Lehtovirta
General Practitioner

Over 20 years experience
in Primary Healthcare, with
extensive knowledge in diabetes.


Eeva Castrén
General Practitioner

Special expertise in ear,
nose, and throat conditions
as well as paediatrics.


Wille Komulainen
General Practitioner

Experience in both public
and private healthcare, special
expertise in skin diseases and
travel related healthcare issues.


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