MeeDoc, an application to consult doctors online launches in the Spanish market

MeeDoc allows patients to communicate with a doctor via text or video within minutes.

The Finnish company arrives in Spain to offer an additional, complementary service to the health system.

Madrid, March 16, 2016.
MeeDoc, a Finnish company, arrives in Spain to complement the health system. Through its application, the Spanish patients can contact a doctor for a consultation within minutes.


MeeDoc physicians are well placed at the forefront of the telemedicine revolution, giving control to patients who, from now on, can make an inquiry at the time that suits them.

The company has made its presentation to the media today from the halls of the Club Siglo XXI in Madrid, as part of an event on Innovation in Health in which personalities and experts in the health and innovation industries participated.

For an introductory price of 6 euros, MeeDoc allows users to share their symptoms and concerns with a doctor through a text messaging, voice or video service, without limits on the duration of the consultation. Payment is made using a credit card or debit card and the user is only billed once the consultation has ended.

The use of technology in the health sector (mHealth), with which patients can, for example, source healthcare services through mobile devices, shows the increasing evidence of technology’s positive effects on improving performance and reducing costs. MeeDoc’s commitment to these services is expected to improve communication and speed of care between doctor and patient.

According to a Finnish study 74% of medical consultations could be treated with telemedicine. Given waiting lists are getting longer, MeeDoc offers a service that adapts perfectly to the current lifestyles of patients and helps alleviate the current pressure on the health system.


“I consider the use of new information technologies and communication as a resource that enables the optimization of health care services, saves time and facilitates access from anywhere to medical information,” says Rosa Thomas Almarcha, a doctor working with MeeDoc.

MeeDoc physicians offer convenience and flexibility to those who want to consult a doctor when they need it and where they choose to. Although the service provides video calls, nine out of ten (89%) of the consultations are through instant messaging, allowing for private, convenient interaction anytime, anywhere. Time-frames are also significantly extended in comparison to physical consultations since there are no limits set to the duration of MeeDoc consultations.

Mikko Kiiskilä, MeeDoc founder, adds: “Mobile technology is part of our lives, so to get clinical advice and be able to contact a doctor through our mobile devices or computers is a logical solution. Many doctors are aware of the possibilities of technology to evolve health care which can offer patients greater control over when and where they want to make their medical consultations.”


“We do not intend to replace the public health system, emergency or long-term care services; simply we offer an affordable and accessible platform to consult with a doctor, within the schedule that suits the patient service.”

MeeDoc was created by Mikko Kiiskilä (CEO), Wille Komulainen (Medical Director) and Juho Koponen (IT Director) with the goal of providing affordable, high quality health care, adaptable to the most diverse styles of life. The service combines high-quality medical practice and technical excellence.

About MeeDoc
MeeDoc is an international healthcare company developed in 2012 in Finland by doctors, designers and engineers. The launch in Spain took place in March 2016. MeeDoc offers a medical consultation service through desktop and through phone or tablet by downloading MeeDoc from the App Store or Google Play Store for free. MeeDoc has offices in Berlin, Helsinki, London and New York. To follow MeeDoc on Social Media: Facebook: MeeDoc or Twitter: @MeeDocApp.

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