New app launched in the UK to speed up GB consultations

MeeDoc enables patients to instant message a GP or have a video consultation in minutes.

MeeDoc, a new app that enables people to arrange a consultation in minutes with a GP,
launches today.

‘MeeDoctors’ who are fully­licenced UK­based GPs, are at the vanguard of the telemedicine
revolution, putting the patient in control by enabling them to book a consultation at a time
convenient for them.

For an introductory offer of £1 MeeDoc allows people to discuss their symptoms or concerns
with a GP through a secure instant message or video service, with no time limit on the
consultation. If a prescription is required, the doctor will fax a private prescription to a pharmacy
of the patient’s choice and forward the original by post.

Dr Sandeep Geeranavar, a GP from Birmingham and a clinical director of MeeDoc, says:
“People want to make the best use of their time and patients want convenience, flexibility and
prompt medical advice. GPs too want to assist as many patients as they can but in the most time
efficient manner as not all patients need to have a face to face consultation. They want to
facilitate patients obtaining high quality medical advice, safely on a mobile platform patients use
ate socially everyday. mHealth has been talked about for some years, but I hope
this will be the start of the mHealth revolution in the UK, with the use of apps like MeeDoc being
the catalyst for change in the way we consult with patients in the coming years.”

“There are challenges in getting GP appointments with some people having to wait more than
two weeks for an appointment. Patients also feel that the time with their doctor isn’t sufficient
and they understand that it’s due to the pressures that GPs are facing in the current NHS
climate. Using mobile technology such as health apps or ‘mHealth’ can help empower patients
and alleviate some of their problems and also reduce the burden to general practices.”

Mobile health (mHealth) whereby patients engage with healthcare professionals using mobile
technology, is lagging behind in the UK despite growing evidence that it improves outcomes and
saves costs. The challenges associated with booking a GP appointment are expected to get
worse, a recent survey by GP magazine Pulse found that four in ten GPs predict the average
waiting time for appointments at their practice will exceed two weeks. Another Pulse survey
found that more than half of GPs are in favour of charging for routine appointments.

Dr Oliver Large a GP from High Wycombe and a clinical director of MeeDoc believes that the
NHS could save millions in the short term if patients who can afford it use mHealth services such
as MeeDoc. In the longer term, he would like to see mHealth being available to all as an NHS
service. “The NHS could make massive savings by using new technology to deliver basic GP
services. It is moving in this direction, but the pace of change is too slow and mHealth is a

MeeDoc founder Mikko Kiiskilä, adds: “We live our lives through mobile technology so it makes
sense to get medical advice and consult with GPs through our smartphones. Many doctors
recognise how technology can advance healthcare to give patients more control of when and
where they can have an appointment. We are not a replacement for the NHS, emergency or
long­term care, we are an affordable, accessible way to see a doctor at a time that is convenient
to the patient.”

For more information contact:

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