New health service launched in Norway for faster processing

From now on, you no longer need to travel or take time off from work to see your GP. As of April 20 MeeDoc will launch in Norway, a telemedicine startup with the aim of reducing primary care costs up to 50% through its communications platform.

Already in 2004, a study indicated that up to 75 percent of all doctor visits can be treated online. Symptoms such as eye infections and skin conditions can easily be diagnosed through the app’s video service and messenger, and thus save valuable time for the patient while ensuring better capacity in healthcare. The service works by letting Norwegian authorized physicians and specialists join MeeDoc, and then patients download the app, which enables them to consult a doctor in minutes. Patients can get medical advice and treatment via instant messaging or talk face-to-face on video – on your smartphone or online.

– This is a new and effective way to treat patients. We live our lives through mobile technology so it makes sense to get medical advice and consult with GPs through our smartphones. Many doctors recognize how technology can advance healthcare to give patients more control of when and where they can have an appointment. We are not a replacement for the public system, emergency or long­term care, we are an affordable, accessible way to see a doctor at a time that is convenient to the patient, says Mikko Kiiskilä, CEO and Co-founder of MeeDoc.

Speed up GP consultations

Thorleif Jansen is a specialist in family medicine and was among the first Norwegian doctors to join MeeDoc. He believes the service can be an effective tool that can help him prioritize and make it easier for him to spend more time with the patients who need it most.

– During my entire career as GP, I have always been interested in finding solutions that can better the workflow and provide shorter wait for the patients. Telemedicine is a technology that I think will have a huge impact on the healthcare sector in the future, and I think it is very exciting to be part of this, says Jansen.

MeeDoc aims to reduce primary care costs. The telemedicine service promises a response time of maximum one hour on weekdays, two hours on weekends.

– When consulting a doctor, you will get a response within minutes. For the patients, this means that they will get a diagnose and recommended treatment, without having to travel to the doctor’s office. It is super easy, says Jansen.

Collaboration with If

To stay ahead of the technological developments, If Insurance have already partnered up with MeeDoc, providing free doctor’s consultation for approximately 75,000 Norwegian customers. According to NHO, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, one day’s sick leave costs 2900 kroner. With the cooperation in place, If Insurance make sure that you no longer need to spend time visiting your GP during business hours. As a corollary, you can return to work after a much shorter period.

– This cooperation will make it easier to use health insurance. From now on, you can visit the doctor’s digitally, from your workplace or at home. As a result, you can get a faster return to work, says Ivar Martinsen, Senior Vice President, If Insurance.

To If Insurance it was imperative that the individual employee can spend less time on doctor visits and get a faster return to work. In addition, they believe MeeDoc helps making the process as simple as possible.

– We offer several high-tech solutions to our customers. Being able to walk around with your doctor in your pocket at all times is one of the most customer- friendly offers we can provide, he continued.


For more information contact:

Laura Knarvik, public relations
+49 173 7484372

Jon Berge, informasjonsdirektør, If
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