The Hailo for doctors app wants to take the pain out of regular GP visits

The wrote an article about MeeDoc Ireland launch:

MeeDoc launched in Ireland today, and it wants to take the pain away from GP appointments for everyone.

It’s a service doesn’t want to take over an industry, but the ‘Hailo for doctors’ app Meedoc isn’t a standard service.
Originally launched in Finland back in 2012, the idea came from Kiiskilä wondering why he couldn’t just Skype his doctor back in 2010.
This inspired him and his co-founder Wille Komulainen to invent the app Meedoc, which allows patients to chat to GPs either through instant messaging, sending images or by video call. They can also get repeat prescriptions if the GP is already familiar with them.
How it works
If you want a GP to look at an eye infection and your local doctor isn’t available, you just try to find one that can deal with that query.
All relevant doctors will receive a push notification, and whoever is free to take it can deal with the patient. Think of how Hailo works when you’re looking for a taxi.
If you think GP video calls sounds familiar, they are. Video calls with doctors are already done through Skype or specialised services like Babylon from Aviva or WebDoctor.

Not a GP replacement
It’s an area that’s growing, but there are concerns around these services like reliability, security and how well a doctor can diagnose something through a video call or messages.
Kiiskilä told he doesn’t see Meedoc as a complete replacement for visiting your GP. Instead, it’s to speed up the process of dealing with general concerns like back pain, migraines, insomnia and eye infections, to name but a few.

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