Upheaval in the Finnish health care system: doctors’ consultation fees to be halved

Remote consultation services are gaining a foothold in the Finnish healthcare system. Kela has decided to include remote consultation services in the national health insurance scheme as of 1 March 2016, which means that you could see a doctor for EUR 9.90 all over the country.

Remote consultation services are challenging other operational models as they are quick and easy to access. Kela’s new guidelines allow companies to offer healthcare services at lower prices through remote consultation services.

“Having remote consultation services accepted as part of Kela’s national health insurance scheme allows MeeDoc and many other healthcare providers to make drastic changes that will lower consultation fees,” says MeeDoc’s CEO Mikko Kiiskilä.

MeeDoc will be offering doctor’s appointments for EUR 9.90 per consultation. This is the fee that customers pay after the Kela reimbursement.

“This will shake up the health care sector in Finland,” Kiiskilä continues.

Plenty of growth potential in the remote consultation market in Finland

According to MeeDoc’s estimates, less than one percent of the adult population in Finland uses remote consultation services, while more than 40 percent of Finns say that they would be willing to use these services*.

The company believes that different kinds of remote consultation services will also soon become more widely available throughout Finland.

“Our aim is to offer quick, easy and affordable health care services to as many customers as possible. Thanks to Kela’s decision we are likely to achieve our target of offering easy-to-access consultation services much sooner than we expected,” says MeeDoc’s Chief Medical Officer Wille Komulainen.

What the decision means to MeeDoc’s customers:

Since Kela will now reimburse remote consultations, MeeDoc will be able to offer its service at a lower price to its customers.
Customers will pay a consultation fee of EUR 9.90 after the Kela reimbursement.

Consultation fees at healthcare centres in Finland, per region, in 2016.


*MeeDoc report: Up to 40% of Finns would be willing to have a doctor make a diagnosis using remote services
***Kela newsletter ”Etäpalveluiden korvaaminen sairaanhoitovakuutuksesta 1.3.2016 alkaen”

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